Research Papers and Publications

  • ISGF publishes a monthly newsletter "Smart Grid Bulletin" since January 2014. Present circulation: 2500 in print and >50,000 in PDF (and increasing every month)
  • ISGF published following White Papers/Technical Reports:
    • Feasibility study for converting AIS substations to GIS substations by commercializing the land that would be saved
    • Frequency Band Allocation for PLC Communications
    • Interdependency Matrix and Maturity Model for Smart Cities
    • Leveraging R-APDRP Assets to build Smarter Cities at marginal cost
    • Leveraging R-APDRP GIS maps to implement rooftop solar web GIS tool developed by TERI
    • M2M Communications for the Power Sector
    • Post Go-Live strategy for R-APDRP
    • Policy Framework for Electric Rickshaws in Delhi
    • Presented a joint knowledge paper on Smart Grids in India along with Bloomberg New Energy Finance at ISGW 2015
    • Role of smart grids in Distribution
    • Smart Meter specifications of leading meter manufacturers in India
    • Smart Metering Scenario in India
    • Smart Microgrids for Islands
    • Smart Microgrids for large campuses and institutions
    • Smart Microgrids for Slums
    • Leveraging Social Media for by Electric Utilities for Effective Customer Engagement
    • Technical Report on M2M Enablement for the Power Sector
    • Technical Report on M2M Gateway and Architecture

Smart Grid Bulletin March 2019

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