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I think that the immediate takeaway for microgrids is that there is a huge opportunity, but that we need to make sure that states focus on microgrids in the planning process.

C. Baird Brown

Counsel to the Microgrid Resources Coalition

Going forward, we want to support microgrids. We don’t see distributed generation as a threat.

Joseph M. Rigby

President and CEO of Pepco

The possibilities for the secondary use of electro mobility batteries for fixed house storage devices are a particularly exciting topic for the future. Storage technology is an important feature, as is - quite clearly - the industry’s continuing internationalization.

Markus Elsässer

CEO of Intersolar Europe

In India, electricity production has doubled since 2000, but still, it lags behind demand, and the incentives for investment are dimmed by low-end user tariffs and big losses in the transmission and distribution network.

Maria van der Hoeven

Executive Director, IEA

The country will not only save $100 billion, but also generate 60,000 MW through hydro-power annually if waterways are interconnected in a Smart Grid.

A C Kamaraj

Expert Committee Member of Interconnecting Waterways, GoI

Thousand employees in the Ministries of Power, Coal and Renewable Energy can adopt two villages each in the all 545 Lok Sabha constituencies to ensure 100 per cent electrification.

Chetan Bhagat


Our mission is to build 100 Smart Cities across the country, using the latest technology and infrastructure.

Venkaiah Naidu

Union Urban Development Minister, India

​Introduction of Smart Grid as a tool of automation with its robust mechanism of IT system is an honest beginning to reduce transmission and distribution losses and supply of quality and uninterrupted power to the people.

P.K. Jena

Principal Secretary-Energy, Government of Odisha

​Adding electric car charging facilities will require close monitoring to ensure that drivers are supplied with the electricity they need without potentially overloading the electricity network.​

Erik Fairbairn

CEO, POD Point

​As Smart Grid technologies continue to improve, microgrids have the potential to become an important piece of the climate resilience puzzle.​

Martin O'Malley

Maryland Governor

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April 2015
Welcome to the India Smart Grid Knowledge Portal !

India Smart Grid Knowledge Portal is a common platform for Smart Grid knowledge sharing and information dissemination to all stakeholders. This is an initiative of Ministry of Power, Government of India with the support of India Smart Grid Task Force and India Smart Grid Forum.