Bi - Lateral Workshops

India - Canada Workshop

A delegation of key Canadian electricity and smart grid experts and policy makers had participated in an outbound Smart Grid Trade Mission to India. This Mission is because of an MoU between SmartGrid Canada and the India Smart Grid Forum. The two associations agreed to collaborate during the Ontario Premiers Mission to India in February 2016 to further relations in the field of smart grids between the two countries.

The 2nd India Canada Workshop was hosted by SmartGrid Canada with support from the Government of British Columbia on 08 March 2017as part of the India Smart Grid Week 2017.

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate information exchange, lessons learned and trade relationships between Canada (electricity distributors, industry and association stakeholders, smart grid experts) and India in the electricity sector, respectively smart grid

India-EU Smart Grid Workshops

ISGF and European Commission (DG ENERGY) & the European Union Delegation in Delhi are jointly organising a series of Smart Grid Workshops in India and Europe. The first of this series was held in Nice, France from 11 - 12 June 2015. The event was hosted by ERDF, France. Senior officers from European Commission, ERDF, many other European Utilities and top technical companies and a select group of policy makers and officials from utilities and industries from India participated in the workshop.

The second EU India workshop was organisedat Vienna inNovember 2015.

The third and Fourth India EU workshop was held at Delhi in March 2016& 2017 respectively.

India - Norway Workshop

A half day Indo-Norwegian Workshop on 'Smart Grid Technologies' was organised on 10th February, 2017 in New Delhi. This workshop was being organised to provide an overview of Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE) Smart Energy Technologies and applications relevant for India. Norwegian Center of Expertise (NCE) is a government supported cluster program. 14 dynamic clusters have been set up to operate as NCEs in various fields to establish systematic collaboration and growth in national and international markets.

This program was organized by Innovation Norway and supported by the Industrial Development Corporation of Norway and the Research Council of Norway. NCEs operate in close collaboration with government institutions, research organizations and the private sector. NCE for Smart Energy Markets (SEMs) is located in Halden and delivers expertise, technology and equipment globally to commercial energy trading in order to be the most expensive and internationally oriented industrial cluster in Norway within energy and ICT. NCE SEM brings on table strong expertise on energy issues primarily related to smart grids, energy and grid management, renewable energy integration, flexibility management, local energy markets development and exploitation of enabling technologies, like IoT, Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing, to the power sector. We believe that NCE smart energy markets and Indian Power Distribution Utilities can cooperate and develop synergies taking into account in depth experience of the both parties.

India - Sweden Round Table Collaboration in Smart Grid Solutions

Sweden and India has a long history of cooperation in smart grid development, which has been clearly manifested in the development of HVDC technology in India. The collaboration between India and Sweden in the field of energy is guided by the MoU between Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Swedish Energy Agency and Government of Sweden. Since 2009 the main focus has been to create solutions for Smart Cities and Smart Grids, where one of the joint projects ongoing is to define and establish micro grid pilots at Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

As a part of India Smart Grid Week 2016 and Sweden Country Pavilion, First Sweden - India Smart Grid Round Table was organised on 17 March 2016. The Sweden-India Smart Grid Round Table was addressed by a line-up of senior leaders from government departments, solution providers and research institutes to discuss how partnerships within sustainable Smart Grids can take our economies and societies to the next level.

Second Sweden India Workshop was organised on, 9 March 2017. The workshop was attended by a line-up of industry leaders from government departments, solution providers and research institutes to discuss how partnerships within sustainable smart grids and future energy systems can take our economies and societies to the next level.

India-US Smart Grid Workshops

First US-India Smart Grid Workshop, sponsored by US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) in association with ISGF, was held on 9th December 2014 in San Francisco.

Second US India was also held in Bangalore in India on 2 March, 2015. The workshop was part of an overall two-part series and previous site visit to the United States that assisted Indian utilities in addressing their growing power needs through a better understanding of U.S. grid modernization, demand side management, and renewable energy integration technologies, as well as the policies, best practices and financing mechanisms to support project deployment.

Third India US Smart Grid Workshop was held on 09March 2017 at New Delhi . The aim of the workshop was to further highlight US Smart Grid technologies and best practices including the key findings from current USTDA Smart Grid grant programs in India.

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