1. Smart Grid Handbook for Regulators and Policy Makers
  2. Executive Summary of Smart Grid Handbook for Regulators and Policy Makers
  3. ISGF Annual Report 2016-17
  4. Report on Implementation Plan for Electrification of Public Transportation in Kolkata by ISGF & SSEF
  5. Knowledge paper on "Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Rollout plan for India" by ISGF & BNEF
  6. ISGW 2017 Post Event Report
  7. Annual Report 2015
  8. Smart Meter Security Survey
  9. ISGW Event Report 2016
  10. ISGF White Paper on AMI Rollout Strategy and Cost-Benefit Analysis for India
  11. ISGF White Paper on AMI Roll-Out Strategy for India
  12. ISGF White Paper- Electric Vehicles: A sustainable Solution to Air Pollution in Delhi
  13. Technical Report on Spectrum Requirements for Low Power RF and PLC Communications
  14. ISGF White Paper on Next Generation Smart Metering - IP Metering
  15. ISGF Advanced Distribution; R-APDRP Study Report
  16. ISGF Advanced Distribution; Addendum to R-APDRP Study Report
  17. ISGF First Year Progress Report
  18. India Electricity 2013, India Smart Grid Day 2013
  19. Green Button Standards for India
  20. ISGF Recommendations on Net Metering Policy
  21. Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India
  22. Post R-APDRP Strategy - A White Paper by ISGF
  23. India Energy Security Scenarios 2047
  24. Technical Report on M2M Enablement in the Power Sector

ISGF Reports- Members Only

  1. ISGF Whitepaper on Leveraging Smart Grid Assets For Building Smarter Cities At Marginal Cost
  2. ISGF White Paper on Interoperability in Smart Metering
  3. ISGF White Paper on Additional Spectrum for Low Power RF Devices for M2M, IoT,IoE, Smart Cities
  4. ISGF White Paper on Case Studies on Power Line Carrier Communication Implementation in India
  5. ISGF_Concept Note on Smart Microgrids
  6. ISGF_White Paper on Post RAPDRP
  7. ISGF_White Paper on Smart Cities
  8. ISGF-GIS_White Paper on converting air insulated substations to gas insulated substations
  9. ISGF Report on Smart Metering Scenario in India
  10. ISGF White Paper on Leveraging Social Media by Electric Utilities for Effective Customer Engagement
  11. ISGF White Paper on Smart Meter Specifications of Leading Meter Manufacturers in India
  12. ISGF White Paper on Need for Allocating a Frequency Band for Power Line Carrier Communications
  13. ISGF White Paper on M2M Communications in the Indian Power Sector
  14. ISGF White Paper on Policy Framework for Electric Rickshaws in Delhi
  15. ISGF White Paper on role of smart grids in distribution

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ISGTF Reports

  1. Dynamic Tariff Paper(Draft paper for ISGAN)
  2. Draft paper for Partial Load Curtailment
  3. Draft Design of Dynamic Tariff
  4. ISGAN Discussion Paper - Smart Grid-Processes, People, Policies
  5. Power Process Maturity Model for utilities
  6. Comments on Functional Specifications of Smart Meters from CEA
  7. Demand Management Case Study - Canada - PowerShift Atlantic

Other Reports

  1. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Recommendations on "Spectrum, Roaming and QoS related requirements in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications"
  2. Forum of Regulators - Model Smart Grid Regulations
  3. Guidelines for conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Smart Grid projects, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, 2012
  4. Global Smart Grid Federation Report, 2012
  5. Paths to Smart Grid Interoperability, White Paper, Smart Grid Policy Center, 2011
  6. The U.S. Smart Grid Revolution, GRIDWISE ALLIANCE, 2011
  7. What is missing in our fundamental knowledge of Smart Grid implementation?, GRIDWISE ALLIANCE, 2009
  8. Handbook for assessing Smart Grid projects, GRIDWISE ALLIANCE, 2009
  9. Smart Grid Technology Roadmap, International Energy Agency, 2011
  10. Utility Experience Developing a Smart Grid Roadmap, EPRI, 2008
  11. The Rising Sun, A point of view on the Solar Energy sector in India, KPMG, 2012
  12. Use Case Modeling for Smart Grids According to IEC/PAS 62559
  13. Smart Grid: A Race Worth Winning?, Ernst & Young, 2012
  14. Accelerating Successful Smart Grid Pilots, World Economic Forum
  15. Smart Grid Educational Series Webinars Links Repository, 2012-13
  16. How You Can Help Your Utility Clients with a Critical Aspect of Smart Grid Transformation They Might be Overlooking, Software Engineers Institute, USA
  17. Five Smart Grid Questions Every Utility Executive Should Ask- SGMM Tool, Software Engineering Institute, USA
  18. Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-1, NREL
  19. Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-2, NREL
  20. Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-3, NREL
  21. Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-4, NREL
  22. Technology, Measurement and Standards Challenges for the Smart Grid, NIST, USA
  23. Strategic R&D Opportunities for the Smart Grid, NIST, USA
  24. Understanding the residential customer perspective to emerging electricity technologies
  25. Modelling the Future Grid Forum scenarios
  26. Future Grid Forum - Summary Brochure
  27. Future Grid Forum Report
  28. Horizon 2020 - Funding energy efficiency in buildings
  29. Summary Report for Smart Meter Data Management Workshop
  30. ESMAP-World Bank Publication - Paving the Way for a Transformational Future - Lessons from JNNSM Phase I
  31. DOEs Report on Grid Energy Storage December 2013
  32. Smart Cities Council-Readiness Guide-Nov 2013
  33. SBC Energy Institute Electricity Storage Factbook, 2013
  34. Cybersecurity Procurement Language for Energy Delivery Systems by the US DoE
  35. Smart Grids: An Approach to Dynamic Pricing in India
  36. Smart Grids: A Roadmap for Communication and Application Interoperability in India - USAID PACE-D TA Program

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