Characteristics of Smart Grid? How is it different from the existing grid?

​​​​The Smart Grid is a transition of the present energy system into a new era of reliability, availability and efficiency. However, the scope of this transition is very large and not defined. To enable proper information sharing between the projects, there is a need to have a defined functionality and characteristics.  Accordingly, the Smart Grid is characterized by following goal and functionalities:

  1. Consumer Participation
    1. Real Time Monitoring of consumption
    2. Control of smart appliances
    3. Building Automation
  2. Real Time Pricing
  3. Distributed Generation: Incorporation of renewable energy resources into the grid
  4. Power System Efficiency
    1. Power Monitoring
    2. Asset Management and optimal utilizations
    3. Distribution Automation and Protection
  5. Power Quality
    1. Self Healing
    2. Frequency Monitoring and Control
    3. Load Forecasting
    4. Anticipation of Disturbances
  6. New products in terms of Value Added Services (VAS)

Smart grid is the pursuit to achieve these characteristics into our present electricity system. ​

Smart Grid Bulletin January 2019

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