What Smart Grid can do for India?

​​​​With a growth rate of around 8 % GDP, India's energy demand is expected to increase 3 times in the coming 10 years, out of which 2/3rd would be carried by the grid. To enable a similar growth for the coming years, India needs a major revamp of the ageing electricity system from the transmission to the distribution.

Presently, the Indian electricity system faces a number of challenges:

  • Shortage of power
  • Power Theft
  • Poor access to electricity in rural areas
  • Huge losses in the grid
  • Inefficient power consumption
  • Poor reliability

The present grid system needs a major revamp to address all the challenges mentioned above. It needs investment in several areas: increasing generation capacity, improving grid efficiencies and rural electrification. A smart grid is supposed to be the solution to all these challenges and in fact essential for India's energy security in the future.

In the XIIth plan, the Government has proposed to invest around USD 86.4 billion to upgrade the present electricity system. It has been done through various programs like Revised Accelerated Power Development and Reform Program (RAPDRP), Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY). With such a huge investment, India has an opportunity to leapfrog into the latest smart grid technologies as it has done in other sectors like telecommunications.

Smart Grid Bulletin January 2019

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