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Title Webinar : The Utility Smart Grid is in Danger of Prolific Cybercrime and Network DDOS caused by the Explosion of Unprotected IoT devices in Our Homes
Location Web
Start Time 2017-05-19 21:30 (IST)
End Time 2017-05-19 23:00 (IST)

The proliferation of IoT and connected devices in the home, offices and major industrial centers is exposing every utility and Smart Grid to unwanted intrusions and cyber-hacking. To make IoT devices smarter, they need to communicate over short-range low-rate wireless networks like ZigBee and BLE, but also across the Internet to cloud systems, creating an almost endless opportunity for cybercrime with entry points from less secure devices and rogue applications that control the latest IoT solutions. While artificial intelligence, automation, and Smart Homes provide tremendous life-style benefits such as energy savings, security, home care, or entertainment, the utility industry and InfoSec must lead the way in ensuring that our critical electric grids are not undermined when we need those most. Gartner believes that by 2025, the average home will have over 500 connected devices, controlling both mundane and mission critical functions in our lives.

In this webinar, Scott and Richard will walk through the emerging threat landscape of the exploding IoT space and the reasons why attackers are surfacing everywhere, anywhere and anytime.  By showcasing several threat events, this webinar articulates why traditional technologies such as antimalware and firewalls are not the solution for IoT infrastructure, and why consumers and their utility providers, should seek next generation IoT solutions for their homes now.

Scott Wu and Richard Yim are security and data veterans with deep domain experience building robust, high availability and reliable enterprise, B2B2C software platforms. Scott is CEO of NewSky, a revolutionary cloud, network security platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor and protect against unwanted IoT intrusions and network traffic. Richard is VP Product Management for People Power Company’s IoT Suite, providing security, energy and care solutions for the Smart Home through large utility providers, offering the only Cloud, AI and Bot controlled home security system that learns.

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