Scotland’s wind farms pumped out more power than the country needs

Scotlands wind farms pumped out more power than the country needs

Scotland launched its smart grid and renewable energy initiatives early on and is now enjoying the pay off. The countrys wind farms in September provided 126 percent of the total domestic demand for electricity.

According to an article in businessGreen, homes in Edinburgh with solar installations met an average of 47 percent of their energy requirements while solar-equipped Glasgow homes provided 37 percent of their own power.

Summer may be a distant memory, but for the tens of thousands of Scottish households that have installed solar panels to generate electricity or heat water, a third or more of their needs were met from the sun this October, helping reduce their reliance on coal, gas or even oil, said WWF Scotland director Lang Banks.

Those numbers are just a few of many renewables records set in Scotland during the summer months. At one point, wind provided 24 percent of the UKs electricity needs over a full day.

Source: SmartGridNews

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