Schneider, Awesense tackle distribution grid losses

Schneider, Awesense tackle distribution grid losses

To an industry outsider, the figure 6 percent may not seem all that significant. But it is. It represents the average amount of power loss on distribution and transmission grids every year, according to the Energy Information Administration. And as much as it represents lost power, it also means lost revenue.

Energy management company Schneider Electric and grid efficiency software developer Awesense have agreed to partner on designing solutions that will help utilities cut distribution grid losses, said an article in Utility Products.

The nuts and bolts of the agreement are that Schneider Electric will integrate and offer the True Grid Intelligence cloud software, line sensors and related services such as engineering. Awesense will gain from Schneider Electrics commercial reach and the utilities it works with around the world, as well as specialists in network efficiency.

This agreement will create a complete loss reduction solution, bringing together our complementary offers and enabling utilities worldwide to increase grid efficiency by analyzing data from smart meters against data from suspicious network assets through losses audits, Schneider Electrics Frdric Abbal was quoted as saying. Abbal is EVP of the companys Energy Business.

Source: SmartGridNews

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