Jackson County students building electric cars

Jackson County students building electric cars

Some Jackson county  students are learning more about greenpower.

Woodville School fifth grade students are building electric cars for an engineering technology project.  Student Brice Thompson says its fun and educational.

"To me its really exciting, its hands on and we get to learn about tools we're using and how a car functions" Thompson said.

The goal is to design, build and race a single seat electric car.  The program provides  young people with hands on opportunities.   Woodville teacher Missy Evans says the program uses the excitement of motorsport to inspire students to excel in science, technology, engineering and math.

Fifth grade student Molly Gifford says the experience is teaching her the importance of using greenpower in the future.

"We might be looking at a gas shortage in the future, and we are going to be working on electric cars and using them.  And in the future if we have electric cars, we will know much more about them and how to use them" Gifford said.

The electric cars will be built by December.  The Woodville students are scheduled to compete against Huntsville students next spring to see who built the best cars.

Source: waaytv

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