Expert for installation of smart grids

Expert for installation of smart grids

Smart grids are required for Smart Cities to improve energy efficiency and increase reliability of power, according to Ravi Kumar Bhimasingu, assistant professor, IIT-Hyderabad.

For cities to turn smart, existing power grids should be modernised. Smart grids provide safety and security, and envisage measures for interconnecting renewable energy sources. Besides, consumers will be educated about the cost of power they are using and plan accordingly.

Ravi Kumar of the Department of Electrical Engineering was here to address a two-day conference on Smart Grids for Smart Cities, organised by the Department of Electrical Engineering of AU College of Engineering.

He says, with urbanisation growing and cities contributing 63 to 65 per cent of GDP, cities are growth engines. For them to be sustainable, employment and economic activity play a key role. The urban population is expected to go up to 60 to 63 per cent in the country by 2030.

For this, physical infrastructure, comprising power, water, and pubic health, among other things, is one of the four pillars.

Smart grids help plan power consumption economically. For instance, for water supply, pumping is required with high demand on power. Peak time power costs more. The grid shifts pumping to more economic slot.

Ravi Kumar says that reducing transmission losses, self-healing systems, and integrating with local, renewable energy sources are components of smart grids.

It effectively uses information and communication technology to minimise losses and reduce peak hour demand, he adds.

Indian Smart Grid Forum is currently implementing 14 pilot projects under the supervision of the Central Power Research Institute and Power Grid Corporation of India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced development of 100 Smart Cities, and Visakhapatnam is one of them.

Source: The Hindu

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