Record acceleration in an electric car

Record acceleration in an electric car

Electric cars have been suffering from a very low acceleration. Unlike a traditional car with internal combustion engine can be started immediately and achieve very high speed if you will, the typical electric car begins to move slowly and it takes considerably longer to acquire a fast speed. Hence acceleration record is so important in an electric car.

The Grimsel electric race car has broken the previous record of acceleration for these vehicles. It accelerated from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 1.785 seconds and less than 30 meters.

The new record was set by AMZ Racing, composed of engineers from ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, also known as ETH Zurich) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne in Switzerland too, who also designed and built the vehicle. The previous record of 2.134 seconds possessed an electric car built by the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. The new was established at a military airfield in Dbendorf, Switzerland, where the vehicle reached a speed of 100 kilometers per hour on a stretch of less than 30 meters.

The Grimsel electric car was developed and built in less than a year by a team of thirty people. The vehicle produces 200 horsepower (147 kW) and has four-wheel drive. Thanks to its special design features, the car is capable of such a large acceleration.

AMZ Racing was founded in 2006 by students of ETH to create race cars that compete in several student competitions that are made in Europe every year. After building three cars powered by an internal combustion engine, in 2010 AMZ focused on producing an all-electric racing car.

Source: BetaWired

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