Ontario embarks on Round 2 of ambitious smart grid upgrade

Ontario embarks on Round 2 of ambitious smart grid upgrade

Ontarios Smart Grid Fund will contribute almost $24 million to a total investment of roughly $54 million to continue the provinces initiative to build a smarter electricity grid. Ontario is a very good candidate for smart grid technology and services. It is the most heavily-populated province with almost 40 per cent of Canadas population. As a news release from Ontarios government explained, the construction of a smart grid is part of a commitment to develop an economic plan for the province.

A total of 17 projects will be part of the Round 2 phase of Ontarios grid modernisation and will include:

Energy storage: To enable on-demand power that can be used to balance the needs of the system

Electric vehicle integration: To help customers and utilities manage the challenges that are a part of EV adoption on a wide scale

Behind the meter: To enable two-way communications between customer and utility for efficiency improvements and to give consumers control over costs

Microgrids: To enhance efficiency of localized electricity generation sources, energy storage and electric loads that operate independently of the primary electric grid

Grid automation: To take advantage of up-to-date hardware and software and help system operators remotely control and manage the grid

Data analytics: To discover new avenues for using smart meter data to improve investment decisions and system performance

The Smart Grid Fund began in April 2011 and has since helped fund 11 projects and created over 600 direct and indirect jobs.

Source: SmartGridNews

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