An industry insider’s perspective on essential smart grid building blocks

An industry insiders perspective on essential smart grid building blocks

The reasons for adopting smart grid technologies and capabilities vary from region to region, country to country. But it should be fair to say that most of them relate to upgrading aging electric networks to enable them to provide reliable, responsive service and efficiently meet the rising expectations of customers.

And one of the key elements in grid modernization is the group of technologies capable of monitoring the performance of critical equipment and processes. Alan Snook, president of GRID20/20, has shared a video interview conducted for two business news TV channels that we thought would interest our readers.

While he does discuss his company, he also addresses smart grid from a broader perspective. As he put it The overarching value of this segment is that it messages the importance of the smart grid on a global basis so we can reverse the limitations associated with an aged infrastructure in a rapidly changing world. The interview helps layperson-viewers to understand what smart grid technology is, and how it will be of value to both end users and utilities.

The interview also focuses on the ingredients needed to build smart grids, the data and analytics needed to give utilities a grid with the capabilities to predict potential problems, self-diagnose and repair specific problems, speed up restoration of power after outages, reduce losses and enhance efficiency.

Source: SmartGridNews

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