Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycles come to Tampa

Harley-Davidsons first electric motorcycles come to Tampa

Called Project LiveWire, Harley-Davidsons all-electric motorcycle has a look, sound and feel thats authentic and original. And more importantly, its a blast to ride! Powered by lithium-ion battery technology, Project LiveWire features the latest in LED lighting technology and a full-color touchscreen instrument display.

With sustainability a core strategic focus at Harley-Davidson, the 111-yearold company is adding its iconic touch to quickly evolving electric vehicle (EV) technology and the fact that there are more than 650 EV drivers in Tampa Electrics service territory alone shows that more people are embracing EV technology all the time.

Harley-Davidson is taking Project Livewire on the road to listen to what customers are looking for in motorcycles that run on something other than gasoline. Even though the electric motorcycle is not yet for sale, Harley-Davidson views the Project LiveWire Experience as an important step in that direction, stopping at dozens of destinations around North America and Europe in 2014 and 2015. And now its your opportunity to see the future of motorcycles up close.

Source: TECO Tampa Electric

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