State agency approves increased electric rates

State agency approves increased electric rates

Illinois residents could see an uptick in their electricity bills for 2015, regardless of the company they have supplying their power.

The Illinois Commerce Commission granted Commonwealth Edison the authority to generate $245 million in new annual revenue through delivery rates, as well as approving an increase of $137 million for Ameren Illinois.

For ComEd consumers, that could add more than $2.50 to the average monthly household electric bill, according to reports.

The impact on individual Ameren customer bills will depend on various factors such as the rate zone the customer is located in, whether the customer uses electricity for space heating and how much the electricity customer uses, according to a press release from the ICC.

Since this increase involves delivery rates, all customers will pay the higher rates even those with an alternative supplier, according to a press release issued by the Citizens Utility Board.

The 2011 Energy Infrastructure and Modernization Act allows participating utilities that agree to make specified investments in electric reliability and smart grid projects to recover their costs annually under a prescribed formula.

The Citizens Utility Board issued a statement saying it is disappointed in the increases, "especially as (increases) will hit consumers in the heart of what could be another expensive winter."

"Illinois' new way of setting electric rates by formula limits how much consumer advocates and regulators can reduce proposed increases," the watchdog organization said in a statement. "CUB does plan to file petitions for rehearing to lower the increases as much as possible."


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