The Farmer’s EV: Kulan Electric Utility Vehicle

The Farmers EV: Kulan Electric Utility Vehicle

From passenger cars, to golf carts, to utility vehicles, to the worlds largest truck, there are a lot of types of electric vehicles out there. But theres a cool new one named after a donkey that gets into yet another market.

Looking at the vehicle, you may be wondering where the electric motors are. There are two 2-kilowatt motors in the back two wheels. Theres a lithium-ion battery sitting there between them.

So, whats the range on this beast? 186 miles. And it has a top speed of 31 mph, which should be plenty for the farms and parks where it is targeted for use. Most importantly, the vehicle can carry 1 ton of cargo, whether it be hay, rakes & shovels, or donkeys.

Of course, the Kulan also enjoys the various benefits all electric vehicles enjoy: it doesnt pollute the nearby environment, its quiet, you can plug it in at home (or home base) to charge it, it cuts global warming emissions, and it saves you a ton of money on fuel.

Source: Clean Technica

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