Japan to house world's largest floating solar panel farm

Japan to house world's largest floating solar panel farm

As Japan will soon house the world's largest floating solar panel farm, solar power technology continues to expand.

Japanese electronics major Kyocera Corporation aims to see the solar panel launch operations by March of 2016 on top of the Yamakura Dam reservoir.

The project is the latest in the country's push for solar power as a primary source of energy following the Fukashima disaster, which led to Japan's decision to close its nuclear plants.

The new facility will be comprised of 50,000 modules tasked with gathering solar power above a water surface area close to 180,000 square meters. An education center will also be built nearby to teach local students about environmental issues.

The engineering team behind the solar farm says it will produce over 15.6 megawatt hours (MWh) per year, sufficient to power around 4,700 homes.

Nobuo Kitamura , senior executive officer at Kyocera, said, "When we first started R&D for solar energy in the mid 1970s, the technology was only viable for small applications such as street lamps, traffic signs and telecommunication stations in mountainous areas. Since then, we have been working to make solar energy use more ubiquitous in society. We are excited to work with our partners on this project, taking another step forward by utilizing untapped bodies of water as solar power generation sites."

Source: renewablesbiz

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