National grid launches pilot smart grid program for Worcester

National grid launches pilot smart grid program for Worcester

Worcester National Grid has launched a two-year pilot Smart Energy Solutions program to offer new pricing plan and other significant data to its customers. The smart meter program will keep customers updated with prime information regarding the cost of their electricity and the amount of electricity each customer has consumed so far.

Depending on the data received, customers can control the usage of smart thermostats and outlets through a smart phone app or via the internet. An average savings of $16 a month can be estimated in the electricity bill of an average Worcester consumer by installing this program.

Besides, customers can enjoy lower rates than current basic service rates for 335 days a year. During peak days like summer customers will be encouraged to conserve power. Meanwhile, these meters will also provide valuable information back to the utility like usage and outage reports which will help National Grid to manage its purchasing pattern in a better way.

About 180 devices have been installed to cover 150 miles of electricity distribution lines which connect wirelessly with a network of 14 stations.

Source: Greentech Lead

Smart Grid Bulletin April 2018

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