Washington utility adopts novel modular energy storage design

Washington utility adopts novel modular energy storage design

The U.S. Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) will study ways the PUD MESA energy storage can integrate higher levels of renewables into the utilitys grid without to enhance efficiency or resiliency.

PUD and UniEnergy Technologies will deploy advanced vanadium flow batteries at another substation in a second application of the MESA open standards-based software.

Grid-connected energy storage promises huge benefits but electric utilities and technology suppliers face technical challenges. The lack of standardization in the storage sector is an obstacle to resolving those challenges.

Standards are necessary to scale any technology. The personal computer grew to millions of units per year, while driving down prices, after software and hardware components were standardized. To scale energy storage, a similar maturation is needed. It will require an agreed-on industry vision and technology standards.

MESA Standards will allow connections between energy storage system components, freeing utilities and vendors to grow storage through market processes.

Source: Utility Dive

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