1,000 charging stations in Kansas

1,000 charging stations in Kansas

Kansas City Power and Light is getting national attention for creating the largest electric vehicle charging station by an electric utility in the country.

This summer, KCP&L will put 1,000 electric car charging stations throughout the Kansas City metro. The Clean Charge Network is the next step in the company's leadership in environmental sustainability.

"Putting up charging stations will encourage more use of electric vehicles which will discourage use of fossil fuels which will help the environment which will help energy, the whole thing," Mayor Sly James said.

The Clean Charge network will be able to support 10,000 electric vehicles.

Each station has two ports. For every hour of charging, an electric car can travel 25 miles.

There will also be some fast-charge stations strategically placed along interstates for drivers who are covering longer distances.

For the first two years, drivers will not have to pay to charge their vehicles. It will be free.

Source: KSHB Kansas City

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