Now Is The Time To Keep Your Smart Grid A Team Together

Now Is The Time To Keep Your Smart Grid A Team Together

The time is ripe to take advantage of a newly available talent in the smart grid space. Silver Spring Networks is spending $12 million in cash this quarter to acquire Detectent, a company providing data analytics for utilities. Meanwhile, Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire Structure, a provider of consulting, system integration and customized solutions and services to energy and utilities clients. Also, last fall Schneider Electric announced it would purchase InStep, a performance management software company.

As the smart grid space continues to heat up we can expect more consolidations in 2015. Where human capital is as valuable as the cutting-edge technology they are trying to bring to market, the team can make or break a company. Emerging growth start-ups who take advantage of top talent left restless by these acquisitions set themselves up for significant success.

These recent acquisitions in the smart grid space demonstrate traction and will bring operational efficiency to the market. This consolidation will also open up options for current employees at those companies to move on and build something new again with another firm. No matter how diligent and thoughtful the on-boarding process is for the company being acquired, there will always be a few employees who choose not to stay on, due to changes in their positions or a clash with the new company culture.

Its safe to assume that the key players at any acquired startup have been secured with golden handcuffs for at least a year or two. However, it is likely other talented professionals at these companies are just now starting to consider their next move. At Enertech Search Partners, we carefully monitor acquisitions like these for candidates who are a perfect fit for our clients with open positions. All startups should do the same.

After consolidations, the smartest growth companies aggressively go after people who are ready to move. The competition for this in-demand talent is fierce and once they are on the market, these A Players will not stay free agents for long. Larger companies are ruthless in their hiring process, so emerging growth companies must learn to adapt their hiring tactics to skillfully finesse their way into the front of the line. These employees know how valuable they are to the field, and the companies that demonstrate they understand and respect that value are the ones who win.

Source: Clean Technica

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