Lockheed, Dominion launch new grid location technology

Lockheed, Dominion launch new grid location technology

Lockheed Martin and Dominion Resources, Inc. have co-developed a new smart grid technology called VirtuGrid, which will enable remote detection of power outages for faster mapping and response. This collaboration between the two companies brings together Lockheed Martins trusted expertise in technology and Dominions experience in distribution engineering.

VirtuGrid enables data, including voltage, power, energy readings, GPS location, phase and circuit connectivity, to be sent from the remote location to the substation over the same path as the power. VirtuGrid facilitates control and timing of remote communications with multiple types of communication networks with very low bandwidth usage.

VirtuGrid will help utilities map the connectivity of the electrical distribution grid, said Roger Flanagan, director of energy services for Lockheed Martins Information Systems and Global Solutions business. Were fortunate to be able to work with Dominion to create this new product that will benefit utilities and optimize for greater efficiencies.

We are pleased to partner with Lockheed Martin in bringing this new technology to market, said Mary Doswell, Dominions senior vice president of Alternative Energy Solutions. VirtuGrid will benefit both utilities and energy consumers by providing much more precise information about where and how energy is being used across the grid.

Source: PennEnergy

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