BC Hydro Touts Smart Meters

BC Hydro Touts Smart Meters

BC Hyrdro reports that more than 24,000 new smart meters have been installed in the Campbell River area of British Columbia.

BC Hydros Stephen Watson told the Courier-Islander, Smart meters help BC Hydro in many ways, whether its improving our operations by providing us with better information on power outages, to assisting people in seeing their energy use in real time through MyHydro, their online account.

According to the utility, the smart meters enable improved usage and billing accuracy. In addition, consumers have the option of requesting Measurement Canada, a federal government agency, verify their meters accuracy.

Watson notes, For three years now weve had third party testing and not one meter has been misreading consumption. People have the right to ask for an independent measurement of the device or smart meter, though if the meter is measuring correctly, the customer pays the testing fee.

Watson also told the newspaper high bills are usually the result of consumer actionsor lack of action. You need to turn the main circuit breaker off if youre going away on holiday, though consider freezing temperatures and your water pipes, and your fridge and freezer contents. Appliances can drain power, called vampire load, and even heating kicks in at lower settings. I had one customer call in frustration until he discovered he had forgotten to turn off his under-pavement driveway heating while he was on holiday over the winter and it cost him over $1,000. The same may be true for things like household tile radiant heating, which is more common. Turn it all off.

When installing the smart meters BC Hydro repaired more than 3,000 pre-existing unsafe meter socket conditions on residential homes.

Watson adds: From BC Hydros perspective, smart meters bring the power grid and energy management into modern day utility industry standards.

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