New Jersey awards $3 million for energy storage innovations

New Jersey awards $3 million for energy storage innovations

New Jersey has begun awarding energy storage project proposals worth nearly $3 million. The awards came from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), and were given to 13 different proposed projects to install energy storage systems integrated with customer-sited renewable energy generating facilities. In 2014, BPU solicited a FY2015 Renewable Electric Storage Incentive in support of Governor Chris Christie's goal of creating reliable, in-state generation. "As we all learned through Superstorm Sandy, projects that improve resiliency at critical facilities are top priorities," said BPU President Richard S. Mroz.

"New Jersey's Clean Energy Program now encourages islanded power systems at critical facilities that are otherwise consistent with the program's resiliency, environmental and energy production goals through a first-of-its-kind energy storage incentive program."

The application process included four categories: Financial and Economic Viability; Project Readiness; Technical Feasibility; and Resilience.

All the projects will be integrated with existing or proposed solar energy projects, and are in Atlantic City Electric (ACE), Jersey City Power & Light (JCP&L) or Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G) territory. One of the
projects will also be linked to ACE's wind energy system.

"The incentive commitments support the installation of renewable electric storage systems for the purpose of
providing emergency back-up power for essential services, offsetting peak loads by shifting electricity to hours of higher demand and helping to stabilize the electric distribution system through the provision of frequency regulation services," BPU said in a statement.

The recipients of the program include Rice Elementary School, Marlton; Borough of Buena Municipal Utilities
Authority; Cumberland County Utilities Authority; Atlantic County Utilities Authority; Monmouth County Bayshore Outfall Authority; Franklin Township Board of Education; Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority; East Amwell School Board of Education; Lawrenceville School; Paramus High School; Jersey City Municipal
Services Complex; Demasi Middle School, Marlton; Marlton Middle School.

The total of all the projects is 8.75 MW. "The initiative seeks to incentivize the addition of energy storage systems integrated with renewable energy generating facilities serving government, commercial, institutional and industrial entities," BPU said, "including public and critical facilities such as water and wastewater
treatment plants, hospitals, communications centers, schools and public safety facilities."

The Renewable Electric Storage Working Group of BPU will reconvene in 2016 to discuss progress of the
future direction of the renewable electric storage program.

Source: Fierce Energy

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