Singapore Power launches $30 mil centre of excellence

Singapore Power launches $30 mil centre of excellence

In collaboration with the Economic Development Board (EDB), Singapore Power (SP) has launched the Singapore Power Centre of Excellence (CoE) to "drive the innovation and commercialisation of next-generation energy network technologies, for greater reliability and efficiency of Singapores infrastructure", according to a government press release.

The CoE's aims are to develop, pilot, and integrate latest technologies in Singapores infrastructure networks. For example, "remote sensors and intelligent drones could be deployed to perform monitoring tasks, freeing up skilled staff for higher order work". 20 staff from Singapore Power have been assigned to a new team to work on the CoE.

The idea is to take new technologies from pilots to viability studies all the way to integrating them with SP's existing infrastructure and final commercialisation. The ultimate goal is to build "future-ready networks and capabilities" in order to address global trends such as greater efficiency and environmental friendliness in performance and the drive towards renewable energy, as well as to develop Asia's first smart grid - a smart energy network.

Our energy networks are the backbone of our economy and standard of living. The SP CoE will provide the platform for testing, developing and implementing innovative solutions. These made-in-Singapore innovations will be key to our goal to be the first smart energy network in Asia, in turn enhancing our ability to continue serving our customers efficiently and reliably. We hope the establishment of the CoE marks the beginning of a strong and fruitful partnership with EDB. We also look forward to collaborating with industry partners to develop the next generation energy solutions, said Wong Kim Yin, Group CEO, Singapore Power.

Through the Centre of Excellence, Singapore Power will work with leading industry players in Singapore to develop and test solutions across the value chain. With strong technology expertise and the presence of many top companies in the power equipment and energy management space, we believe that Singapore is an ideal place for these collaborations to take place. We look forward to innovative solutions being co-developed between SP and its industry partners, thereby allowing Singapore to reap the benefits of an enhanced grid network, as well as to contribute to smart grid development in Asia, said Mr Yeoh Keat Chuan, Managing Director, EDB.

The first initiative of the CoE will be the Singapore Power Energy Advanced Research and Development (SPEAR) programme, which may work on "instrumentation and control, grid communications and smart energy management" - SP has called for the industry to work with the government to take these projects forward.

The press release has listed the following themes for SPEAR:

      Next-gen SCADA: System with standardised communication protocols and algorithm to effectively manage and integrate energy flow of the future grid.

      Next-gen grid communications: Hybrid network (wireless and wired) with high availability; Is sustainable and scalable for increasing smart grid applications.

      Grid sensing: Real-time synchronised system to address a more dynamic distribution network switching environment and growing penetration of intermittent non-dispatchable renewables.

      Substation modernisation: Non-proprietary, open-protocol solution that integrates all types of intelligent electronic devices.

      Advanced condition monitoring technologies.

      Turnkey tagging technologies for underground assets.

      Infrastructure and capabilities development to enable customer segmentation to improve energy demand side applications and offer value added services

Source: eGov innovation

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