Using Smart Meters to Fight California’s Drought

Using Smart Meters to Fight Californias Drought

Long Beach, California, is using technology to help conserve water. With California in the throes of a choking droughtthe worst to hit central and certain southern parts of the state in more than one thousand years according to historiansthe beach city is identifying residents who waste water through smart meters.

The Long Beach water department is using the devices to get data on illegal watering in real time. Smart meters also enable homeowners, business, and institutions better control consumption.

Long Beach Water Department spokesman Kevin Wattier explains, It collects the data every five minutes, then after midnight the cell phone thats built in here comes on, makes one call and calls it in to the database that we and the customer through a password security system have online access to their consumption,

Relying on smart meters to curb over-usage or illegal watering may become a widely adopted strategy in light of Governor Jerry Browns directive to the State Water Resources Control Board to implement 25 percent mandatory water use reductions in cities and towns across the state. The executive order also calls on local water agencies to adjust their rate structures to implement conservation pricing.


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