First EU-India Smart Grid workshop

First EU-India Smart Grid workshop

The India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), the European Commission (DG ENER) and the European Union delegation in Dehli are jointly organizing a series of Smart Grid workshops in India and Europe.
GRID4EU will host, thanks to its French Demonstrator in Nice (France), the first of the series on June 11th & 12th 2015. Top technical companies from Europe and a selected group of policy makers and network operators from India will participate. Experiences from European and Indian flagship Smart Grids demonstration projects will be presented.
This EU - India Collaboration workshop is one of the activities planned in the frame of the EU-India Energy Panel, which is co-chaired by the Government of India and the European Commission. During the India Smart Grid Week 2015 in March, both parties agreed on the importance of cooperation on Smart Grids.

Source: Grid4EU

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