After cities, smart military stations on cards

After cities, smart military stations on cards

On the lines of government's smart city project, the Indian military could develop its own smart stations.

According to military sources, the chiefs of staff committee is discussing a proposal to develop "smart armed forces station (SAFS)." A formal proposal will be submitted to the government soon on SAFS, they said.

In the first phase, the plan is to develop six military stations into smart stations, along the lines of smart cities that government is proposing to develop. The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved Modi government's flagship scheme to develop 100 smart cities.

Sources said the military leadership will propose to convert six military stations to SAFS. OF them three will be army stations, two of air force and one from navy.

Under the smart cities scheme each city selected through a 'city challenge' competition would get central assistance of Rs 100 crore per year for five years. To begin about 20 cities would be selected across India.

The military proposal could include a suggestion to develop the six of them at a far cheaper cost than civilian cities. "Military stations generally have better infrastructure and is easier to manage for converting them into smart cities," one officer pointed out.

Another plan the armed forces will pursue is to dovetail development of its stations located in those cities selected for smart city project on similar lines.

Source: The Times of India

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