Ontario Ministry of Energy and Tech Mahindra Invest in Innovative Smart Grid Solution Powered by Analytics

Ontario Ministry of Energy and Tech Mahindra Invest in Innovative Smart Grid Solution Powered by Analytics

Tech Mahindra Ltd announced that it will build an Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging System (IEVCS) designed to help build Ontario's clean energy future.

The project, sponsored by the Ministry of Energy and funded in part through the Ontario Smart Grid Fund initiative, will analyze the effects of electric vehicle charging on transformers by creating a real time transformer monitoring and analytics solution. The key benefit of the solution is the real time monitoring of the transformers and the ability to automatically manage the charging between vehicles to ensure the transformers do not overload as a result of EV charging.

This innovation will use cutting edge techniques in data sciences and embedded systems for the smart grid industry. The highly customizable and scalable platform is set to help utilities reduce their total operating cost.

During the two-year project, Tech Mahindra, along with its partners, will develop and design a reliable distribution system for electric vehicles. This system will manage the load profiles of participant EV's by "queuing" their charging to prevent transformer overloading, while keeping participants' information private.

Tech Mahindra's IEVCS project comes at a time when the company is actively promoting new ideas and technologies. In February 2015, Tech Mahindra announced plans to invest $150 million over the next three to four years to create innovative solutions and develop next-generation technologies.

Commenting on the launch, Sirisha Voruganti, Global Head of Innovation, Tech Mahindra, said, "We are excited to have the Ministry of Energy sponsor our project through the Ontario Smart Grid Fund initiative and believe that over the next two years, our technologies will have done its part to build a smarter grid in Ontario through our IEVCS infrastructure. Innovation is integral to Tech Mahindra's growth strategy and we are happy to launch this project in Ontario as part of this journey."

"Ontario is committed to supporting leading-edge smart grid projects in the province that create jobs and secure Ontario's position as a North American leader in emerging energy technologies. We are confident this project will not only enhance Ontario's smart grid, but also enable Tech Mahindra to take an Ontario-based solution global," said Bob Chiarelli, Ontario Minister of Energy.

Tech Mahindra has been at the forefront in using innovative technologies while working with customers across the electric and gas utilities and suppliers space. We have strong capabilities in the field of advisory consulting, product engineering, designing, evaluating and delivering multiple technologies within the Smart Grid. The Smart Grid Customer Demonstration Centre incorporates advanced metering infrastructure, demand response, renewable energy integration, micro grid and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations.

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