Cyan gets LOI for $3m smart meter order

Cyan gets LOI for $3m smart meter order

Cyan has received a letter of intent from El Sewedy Electrometer Group EMG to supply Cyan's CyLec Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution for a smart meter contract which El Sewedy has been awarded in Western Africa.

The LOI states that, subject to contract, El Sewedy intends to appoint Cyan to provide a full AMI solution for up to 200,000 consumers in batches over three years.

If deployed in full the contract could be worth up to US$3m to Cyan.

Cyan will immediately start working towards signing a contractual order with El Sewedy for the 200,000 meters indicated, but the LOI is no guarantee of the terms or timing of any such order or if a contract will be signed.

The potential order is intended to include 865MHz RF AMI modules, 865 MHz RF in-home display modules, data concentrator units, head-end server software licences and a software maintenance contract.

The Cyan AMI modules would be integrated into the El Sewedy electricity smart meters and the Cyan IHD modules would be integrated into El Sewedy's IHD device.

The resulting solution will provide a full bi-directional communication system from the IHD to the electricity smart meter and then through the Cyan communication network to the utility's billing systems.

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