Schneider Electric Now Offering Android Smart Meter App

Schneider Electric Now Offering Android Smart Meter App

Schneider Electric is offering a new Andriod app for its Wiser Home Control system giving users of the companys well regarded service the option of now controlling lighting, heating, etc, conveniently from their phone or tablet.

This new Andriod version of the companys app features a number of upgrades as compared to the companys iOS app including a plug-and-play installation option, an HDMI port compatibility, and several other new features.

With regard to the wider reasons that someone would be interested in the new app, according to Schneider Electric, users of the remote control system generally see electricity savings as high as 30%. These (potential) savings are generally due to reduced electricity wastage.

The companys engineer for Light and Room Controls, Asad Zaidi, commented on the app release by noting that the new changes were spurred by the recent rapid growth of the market for smart building control systems/apps.

Homeowners can look forward to a more consistent experience, as upgrades are easily executed and the control system can be accessed from a greater range of mobile devices, Zaidi noted.

In addition to the release of the new Andriod app, the company also recently revealed that it would be taking part in a 9.5 million government-backed trial (in the UK) aimed at gearing things up for continued rapid growth in the distributed energy generation market in other words, the trial intends to improve the functioning of current residential energy network setups, in anticipation of further growth (and potential).

Source: Clean Technica

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