Tesla to trial utility-scale energy storage system in Ireland

Tesla to trial utility-scale energy storage system in Ireland

Tesla will trial the first of its utility-scale battery systems in Ireland next year after agreeing a deal with energy storage company Gaelectric.

The 1MW system is set to be the first in a series of projects designed to help integrate green energy generators such as wind farms and solar parks into the grid, the companies said in a statement. Energy storage is seen as vital to bringing forward more unpredictable sources of energy to replace the steady base load power provided by coal, gas, and nuclear plants.

Tesla unveiled a series of Powerall batteries targeted at homes and businesses last month.

The deal with Gaelectric will pilot the technology for larger applications, which involves grouping 100kWh battery blocks together to create "powerpacks" from 500kWh to over 10MWh, following on from trials in the US.

In the statement, the companies added that Tesla would be exploring other commercial and residential opportunities for its products and would investigate other European markets.

Gaelectric said with its pipeline of 500MW of wind power in Ireland it has an "obvious incentive" to drive technologies such as energy storage that facilitate the rollout of clean energy.

"The accelerating pace of storage technology development and its application to how we generate, use and store power is truly astounding," said Keith McGrane, head of energy storage at Gaelectric. "Much of these developments are around incorporating greater amounts of renewable power while protecting the stability of our transmission systems and controlling costs. Tesla is the vanguard for the revolution that is currently underway."

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