Don't copy smart city system from other regions, says minister

Don't copy smart city system from other regions, says minister

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara says regional leaders should not copy each other in applying the information technology and communication systems to develop their cities into so-called smart cities.

"We have different environments. So, do not copy from other regions, because the compatibility of the system might be different. Each system might require different positioning," Rudiantara said in his remarks in the opening of a seminar on Monday.

The minister praised Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil, whom he said had a good back office system through the so-called Bandung Command Center, which could store information on weather, map out traffic activities and operate CCTV, among others, to monitor and give quick responses to the needs of the citys citizens.

"The needs of Pekalongan, Central Java, will be different, however, as the citys potential is in producing batik products. So the technology application for it might be in the form of mobile commerce," Rudiantara said.

Jakarta launched its smart city project in December, during which it introduced several mobile applications, such as Clue, an application through which Jakarta residents can lodge complaints, and CROP, which city leaders can use to respond to complaints.

Based on World Bank data, 2025 will see the peak of Indonesias urbanization, with 57 percent of the population living in cities.

Source: Jakarta Post

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