SCE transforming the grid with EVs, solar, energy storage

SCE transforming the grid with EVs, solar, energy storage

Southern California Edison (SCE) has begun updating their grid infrastructure in Uptown Whittier in a $1.1 million project -- adding half a mile of electrical cable, six pole replacements, and other upgrades to the infrastructure in the community.

"There will also be new switching equipment installed, which will facilitate quicker service restoration," SCE said in a statement. "If a future outage occurs, these devices will also help to reroute power and isolate incidents to the smallest area possible."

The upgrades are a part of multibillion dollar investment in its distribution grid. Their last project included a $12 million investment into Santa Barbara's grid, where they added remote-controlled switches and automation equipment to the downtown area.

"As we modernize the grid, it will have the capability to handle the needs of customers for decades to come," said Eddie Marquez, Public Affairs region manager for Whittier. "With rooftop solar panels, electric vehicles and energy storage technology, we will transform the grid into a power network that can help better integrate clean and renewable energy."

Marquez added that SCE recognizes its responsibility to deliver safe and reliable electricity. He also mentioned other benefits of infrastructure improvement, including that "grid modernization is a key part of maintaining the city's position as a hub of commerce and culture among the Gateway Cities."

SCE expects the Whittier project to continue until the end of July.

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