PM launches smart cities scheme

PM launches smart cities scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched three government flagship schemes aimed to change the face of urban IndiaSmart Cities mission, Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) and Housing for All missionwith an expected expenditure of around Rs 4 trillion over the next few years.
Given the multiplier potential of construction, the schemes will also help create jobs and give a fillip to the economy.
The Housing for All scheme or Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana that aims to provide at least 20 million homes to people belonging to the economically weaker sections and lower income categories over the next seven years is expected to cost around Rs.3 trillion. The Smart City and AMRUT projects are expected to cost the central government Rs.48,000 crore and Rs.50,000 crore, respectively, over the next five years.
The three schemes aim to fulfil the needs of around 40% of Indias population, Modi said, adding Indias poor cant be left to their fate.

We are sitting together to discuss how to improve life in cities. Had we recognized the importance of urbanisation 25-30 years back, we would have been at par with developed countries and cities. But better late than never. Crying over what could have been would not help us, he said at the launch.
The Prime Minister said every person dreams of having his or her own home but a home is not just about having a roof and four walls. Once a person owns his home, he starts dreaming about decorating it, for which he starts working harder. A house results in self motivation, Modi explained.

Taking a dig at his detractors, he said he will be criticised if people do not get homes, but that does not bother him.
He said the decision to make cities smart will be taken by people themselves and not the government. People are wondering about what exactly Smart City would be. Smart city is a city that provides more than what a citizen expects. Before he wants it, we provide it, Modi said.

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