Google Launches “Sidewalk Labs,” Smart City Startup

Google Launches Sidewalk Labs, Smart City Startup

The seemingly ever-growing tech giant Google has now launched its first startup focused on the so-called Smart Cities movement, according to recent reports.

The company which has been dubbed Sidewalk Labs will of course focus on urban issues. Specifically, it will address issues of livability and business support, via the development and incubation of civil technologies, amongst other things.

Heres the specific quote, from the recent press release announcing the launch of the startup, concerning that direction of intent: Sidewalk Labs is an urban innovation company devoted to improving city life for residents, businesses and city governments, in particular by developing and incubating civic technologies.

Hmm, bit of a vague statement, but given Googles involvement, the general direction of the startups future is probably pretty clear. With that much money behind the company, perhaps Sidewalk Labs will make some interesting moves in the coming years?

Source: Clean Technica

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