SolarCity Launches Its California Energy Storage

SolarCity Launches Its California Energy Storage

When Tesla announced the Powerwall, its home energy storage product, it was stated that SolarCity* would be offering the Powerwall to its customers in Hawaii and California. However, details were slim.

Now, SolarCity has officially announced energy storage for new homes and a special low, fixed-rate solar power offering for California homebuilders and their buyers.

The SolarCity Homebuilder Program, launched in 2011, is now taking orders for the storage product. Here are some more details:

The new energy storage service, in conjunction with solar power, includes the Tesla Powerwall battery pack, advanced hybrid inverter, monitoring and control systems and a warranty and service agreement. While battery backup is the primary application, depending on utility service territory, SolarCitys management system may in the future enable the Powerwall to be configured for a broad range of uses including time-of-use shifting and grid response.

The financing is, of course, part of the offering. SolarCitys big selling point to most of its customers is that it allows them to go solar for little or no money down (without getting a loan) and then pay monthly less than theyd pay the utility. Theres plenty of criticism out there that customers would save more by getting a solar loan, but thats certainly not always the case, and SolarCitys key selling points (and selling tactics) have made it far and away the home solar power leader in the United States. This is the heart of SolarCitys newest offering as well.

Source: Clean Technica

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