Government expects Rs 36,000-crore investment in green energy corridors

According to reports, the government is expecting an investment of Rs 36,000 crore in green energy corridors across the country.

“Ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) expects Rs 36,000 crore public investment forthcoming into setting up of green energy corridors across high density solar-fed states of the country,” a PHD chamber statement quoted MNRE secretary Upendra Tripathi as saying.


Speaking at a business event, Tripathi said MNRE will gradually “develop a new solar or renewable zone policy in due course in which the accountability and responsibility for land acquisition be laid with developers of proposed zones and the Centre will have no role in such land acquisition process,” the statement said.

The secretary also informed that the the ministry would shortly release Rs 1,074 crore to states of Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan for setting up of green energy corridors.

“The new solar or renewable zone policy” will, however, happen following take off (of) the existing solar parks mission of the government as 14 states have already been given approvals to set up solar parks and four more exhibited a fresh interest for creation of such facilities to lighten their states, Tripathi said.

The ministry would evolve “A New Solar or Renewable Zone Policy in which the land acquisition would be effectively done by developers in consensus with farmers and that the Centre will perform the role of a third party in such process,” he added.

The Secretary indicated that this route could be explored to escape the provisions of existing Land Acquisition Act, the statement said.


Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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