21 – 23 January 2016 | Reliance Energy Management Institute, (REMI), Mumbai India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), in association with NCIIPC and Veermata Jijabai

Technological Institute (VJTI) has announced a Workshop on Cyber Security for Power Systems from 21 – 23 January 2016 at Reliance Energy Management Institute (REMI), Mumbai. This is The sixth workshop in a series planned for providing training in the field of Cyber Security. The inaugural workshop was held in January, 2014, the second in August 2014, the third in November 2014, the fourth was in January 2015 and the fifth was in September 2015. The faculty for this workshop will include experts from the Government, Industry and leading Research & Development organisations in India. This workshop is for officials from Utilities, Industry, Research & Development organisations and technology enthusiasts. 22 January 2016 (Day 2) • Role of Data Analytics in Securing Smart Grids • Cyber Security Framework for Smart Grids (Design and Implementation) • Anatomy of a Cyber Attack: Case Studies • Cyber Security Audit & Assessment for Smart Grids 21 January 2016 (Day 1) • Smart Grid Pilot Projects and ISGF Updates • Smart Grid Communications • Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure & Role of NCIIPC • Understanding Threats and Attacks on Smart Grids Topics to be covered are: 23 January 2016 (Day 3) • Mapping of NCIIPC Controls to Attack Vectors • ISGF-NCIIPC Cyber Security Assessment Project for Indian Power Sector • Site visit to Tata Power, Mumbai/Reliance Energy, Mumbai. For more information, please write to

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