Smart grid for power supply in India

CESC will bring a part of south Calcutta under a smart grid network to address the common peeve of "inflated" bills and reduce the response time to restore supply after an outage.

Around 25,000 consumers will benefit from the pilot project that the private sector utility will undertake with the US-based Silver Spring Networks, which provides smart grid solutions across the globe.

"If the pilot project takes off well, and I'm sure it will, CESC will aggressively look into smart grid infrastructure in Calcutta and other parts of the country," CESC chairman Sanjiv Goenka said. Metro had on July 9 first reported about CESC's smart initiative.

The smart grid infrastructure is designed to help the power distributor as well as the consumer by enhancing the reliability and quality of supply. A consumer can monitor power consumption in real time by logging into a dedicated website so there are no surprises at the end of the month. A smart meter capable of sending and receiving wireless signals will facilitate the real-time monitoring.

"You may think usage would be minimal once you leave home. Maybe you don't know the power vampires sucking power all the time. If you monitor in real time, they can be identified, bringing down the consumption," Eric Dresselhuys, executive vice-president of Silver Spring Networks, said.

The network will immediately alert CESC if there is an outage, enabling the company to take steps to restore connection even before the affected consumer lodges a complaint.

Dresselhuys said the company would provide the software with in-built analytics capabilities. "It can even predict if there is a possibility of a fault through advance warning. This will help CESC tackle a situation faster," he said.

Goenka would not share the cost of the new system as the project was still at the pilot stage.

Source : The Telegraph (Special Correspondent)

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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