Google is funding green energy in Asia because it wants to be big in green energy and Asia

Google has pledged that all the energy its gargantuan data centers consume will come from renewable sources. It has put money behind that, making the largest green energy purchase (for a non-utility company) ever back in December.

Google also wants to be in Asia. Trouble is, it’s hard to buy green energy there. The system for getting proper credentials for renewable energy sources is virtually nonexistent on the continent.

So Google is aiming to nudge that along. Today the company said it was putting in seed funding for the Center for Resource Solutions, a nonprofit, to create standards across Asia for green energy. It’s noteworthy not just because of the good corporate citizen gesture, which every tech company is committing to now (after some arm-wringing). For Google, it’s another indication that company is kicking around ways to get its foot into the energy sector.

There are a few nebulous energy projects percolating within its parent Alphabet — including a wind energy moonshot, solar partnership stuff and wind investments in Africa — but this initiative is coming from Google proper. One of the most expensive investments for Google proper is still its data centers.

The new program is starting in Taiwan, where Google has a data center. But Google hopes it can expand soon, so that it can keep its procurement promise while it expands across Asia.

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Smart Grid Bulletin May 2019

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