India : Renewable certificate trading sees 30 per cent growth in July

KOLKATA: Renewable Energy Certificate trade increased 30 per cent in July 2016 against the previous corresponding period.

They were bought mostly by obligated captive power and open access consumers.

The trading session saw 1.63 lakh RECs being sold against 1.25 lakh in the previous period.

Despite a substantial rise in traded volumes, hardly 2 per cent of the total non-solar certificates and 1 per cent of solar certificates were sold at the July trading session held on Thursday.

Both Non solar and solar certificates were sold at the floor price of Rs 1,500 per certificate and Rs 3,500 per certificate respectively.

A total of 1518 participated in bids with about 1000 participants bidding for certificates in the non solar segment while another 565 bidding for the solar segment.

On an overall basis, a total 3,257 participants are registered in the REC segment at the Indian Energy Exchange. Of this 841 are eligible entities - renewable energy generators, 2399 are obligated entities like DISCOMs, open access consumers & captive generators and 17 are registered voluntary entities.

Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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