India to install 700 MW of rooftop PV in 2016

September 13 (SeeNews) - Rooftop solar capacity additions in India are expected to reach 700 MW in 2016, soaring by 300% on the year, Bridge to India estimates.

The consultancy said on Monday that this would mean that 15% of the entire photovoltaic (PV) capacity deployed in the country this year will be on building roofs. This share used to range between 10%-12%.

Thanks to rapid deployment especially in the commercial and industrial sectors, India is to hit the 1,000-MW milestone for rooftop solar by September. Investors will be in a hurry to claim a 80% accelerated depreciation (AD) by commissioning their PV arrays before the end of the month.

“Potential removal of AD and 10-year tax holiday benefits from next year coupled with clarity on status of financial subsidies, improving economics of rooftop solar and implementation of net-metering are driving rapid growth in the rooftop market,” Bridge to India said.

Whilst demand from the private sector is generally higher, that in the public sector is gaining momentum thanks to certain policies, such as a 25% subsidy for government buildings and stiff targets to departments for rooftop adoption. Other measures aimed at spurring the development of the local rooftop solar market include a recently published framework technical regulation aimed at ensuring the quality of equipment supply and a planned financial support package to distribution utilities for implementation of rooftop solar in their jurisdiction.

India is also working on making net metering policies more effective.

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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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