Guam builds on Landis & Gyr AMI with automation

Landis & Gyr was picked by the Guam Power Authority (GPA) for a comprehensive suite of advanced grid analytics solutions to support a wide range of utility objectives related to loss reduction, improving asset life and distribution system reliability and efficiency, the smart grid technology firm said yesterday. The deal is to include an advanced grid analytics platform and full suite of applications along with professional implementation and consulting services, it added.

This includes the use of Landis & Gyr's asset loading, voltage analysis, DER optimizer, reliability planner, revenue protection and capacity contribution applications. The utility is a generation and T&D public utility serving the Island of Guam and it will use real-time and historical smart meter data, GIS and other system data for intelligent planning and operational analysis.

Advanced grid analytics assess the health of assets to prevent potential failures, monitor and manage load, enable voltage management programs and help reduce technical and non-technical losses. The planning functions will let the utility optimize capital and O&M improvement programs while gaining insights to manage the integration of renewables, the firm said.

"Analytics is the logical next step for GPA as we continue to add value from our existing smart grid and data management investments," said John Cruz, manager of strategic planning and operations research division at GPA, in prepared remarks. "We've already seen the possibilities for system and efficiency improvements from our AMI network and now we will be able to more easily put all of this information we have to use in a way that continues service improvements for our customers."

GPA completed installation of Landis & Gyr's Gridstream AMI solution in 2014 and saw improvements in customer satisfaction, reduction in line losses and outage management benefits, Landis & Gyr said. Advanced grid analytics supports additional improvements by identifying, visualizing and monitoring changes across the grid as they occur, it added.

"GPA is innovative in both their approach to smart grid implementation and planning," said Abe Ortega, VP of international sales and marketing at Landis & Gyr, in prepared remarks. "Being an isolated utility, GPA has unique challenges around reducing outages and losses. We understand the challenges of maintaining a reliable and cost-efficient grid, especially as the next generation of energy resources come online.

"Landis & Gyr's solutions have helped GPA better manage these unique conditions and analytics are the best way to maintain that advantage to stay a step ahead."

GPA serves over 50,000 customers with 550 MW of generation capacity, maintains 663 miles of T&D lines and runs 29 substations. The utility employs 474 people with an elected five-member Commission on Consolidated Utilities and is regulated by the Guam PUC.



Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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