Schneider, Panasonic pair building controls via ZigBee

Smart grid technology firm Schneider Electric and electronics giant Panasonic announced yesterday an integrated HVAC equipment and building management solution that brings new levels of HVAC control and energy efficiency to today's commercial buildings. The firms developed a new "interface wireless solution: to enable direct serial communication between Schneider Electric's building management system and room controllers with Panasonic's variable refrigerant flow (VRF)-based HVAC systems via ZigBee.

The joint Schneider Electric/Panasonic solution can be installed wirelessly – which preserves existing infrastructure and is ideal for retrofits of older buildings – or it can be wired. The solution takes full advantage of innovative plug-and-play technology which simplifies system configurations for extensive VRF systems – or it can be installed as a part of a standalone system.

This makes it easy to install and allows system integrators to save time and costs on installation. Facility teams can access comprehensive energy reports and dashboards as well as Schneider and Panasonic's expert technical support teams to ensure all systems are running at the highest performance levels at all times, the two firms said.

This integration lets building owners and managers view all of their core building systems including HVAC equipment, lighting, security, power and electrical distribution anytime and anywhere via a single interface and delivers actionable insights to reduce energy consumption and drive savings, the two firms said.

"Creating interoperability between major energy consuming systems such as HVAC equipment with building control systems allows facility managers to simplify their operations, better optimize the efficiency of their buildings and reduce energy costs," said Laurent Bataille, executive VP of the EcoBuilding Division at Schneider Electric, in prepared remarks. "By partnering with Panasonic, we're able to provide complete building management from the device level to the cloud, regardless of building type, size or age.

"This strong digital backbone provides enhanced visibility of the building environment and is a key component in enabling buildings of the future. Schneider Electric 'Innovation at Every Level' harnesses the power and promise of the internet of things to reshape cities, transform industries and enrich lives through connected products, edge control and apps, analytics and services," he added.



Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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