World : Scotland Can Now Provide Electricity to All Its Houses Via Wind Power for a Month

The force is strong in Scotland, albeit literally. Studies have shown Scotland has enough wind power to power its entire households for over a month. This is a big step towards avoiding millions of tons' worth of carbon emissions.

According to the Independent, wind turbines located in the country has generated enough power to supply the needs of 'almost' all households in Scotland last month.

Reports showed that the turbines generated at least 792,717MWh of electricity to Scotland's national grid. This is even a quarter higher on the same month last year.

This was enough to power 87-percent of Scotland's houses, which accounts to two-million households.

However, the figures show that power consumption in total last month was 2,080,065MWh. This means wind power generated just 38-percent of Scotland's power needs.

While the figures are not necessarily all for wind energy, this provides hope that Scotland can truly be fossil fuel-independent in a few years. It can be remembered that a lot of nations are starting to focus on investing on renewable energy sources.

Although other countries focus more on solar power and biomass usage, it appears Scotland's wind power is being strong as ever. Other European counterparts are also investing on renewable energy - which means the race is on for total fossil fuel independence.

However, totally cutting off fossil fuel will not only harm the global oil industry, but will also be costly as this source is one of the cheapest to find worldwide.

Regardless, WWF Scotland director Lang Banks said Scotland being able to cut carbon emissions using renewable energy can be inspiration for other countries. 

This is an impressive feat, considering Scotland has sunny and dry Octobers, leaving little room for strong winds. However, the previous months have been met with a surge in wind power, increasing the advantages of renewable electricity.

These figures arrive as Scottish Conservatives claim the government has been overturning two-thirds of wind farm applications this year. Other officials claim their reasons for overturning these proposals is that, while wind power has room in Scotland's energy mix, the turbines must not be 'ruining local scenery.'


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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