Wi-SUN Alliance Offers Free Adopter Membership to Utilities in India

In 2015, the Wi-SUN Alliance formed a strategic relationship with the India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), to accelerate the development of standards-based communication technologies for smart grids and smart cities in India. 

For Utility companies, the Wi-SUN Alliance provides wireless mesh solutions for Field Area Networks for applications such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Distribution Automation, and for Home Energy Management. Wi-SUN has been chosen by Utility companies as the Wireless solution delivering multi-vendor interoperable products from multiple vendors.

For smart cities, Wi-SUN Alliance Field Area Networks deliver multi-vendor interoperable solutions to a broad variety of applications including street lighting, parking systems and traffic management.  Municipalities can install products from different suppliers confident that they will seamlessly interoperate.

For other Internet of Things (IoT) applications, solutions based on Wi-SUN Alliance specifications are ideal for agriculture, structural health monitoring and asset management.

In order to continue this momentum and to meet the growing demand for Smart Grid, Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT)/Machine to Machine (M2M) deployments, the Wi-SUN Alliance is pleased to announce free Adopter membership for electricity utility companies and municipalities in India.

Amongst other benefits, Adopter members will have access to approved Wi-SUN Alliance specifications, which includes the published Wi-SUN Alliance Field Area Network (FAN)  Specification. The Wi-SUN FAN specification delivers a truly interoperable, secure, high performance, open standards-based solution, with products available from multiple vendors.

This free-of-cost membership includes access to:

  •       Members-only communications and resources
  •       Members-only website
  •       The FAN 1.0 specification
  •       Deep industry insight with access to the final approved version of specifications and opportunity to participate in marketing events

For more information or to sign up, please visit https://www.wi-sun.org/index.php/member-benefits/membership-overview or contact us at info@wi-sun.org or akumar@wi-sun.org

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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