Sungrow Connects China’s Largest Solar Plus Storage Microgrid Project…

China’s largest solar plus storage microgrid project up and running in Tibet 

China’s largest solar plus storage microgrid project is now connected to the grid in a high-elevation area of Shuanghu. Located in China’s Tibet province, the microgrid — powered by Sungrow — includes 13 MW of PV inverters, 7 MW of energy storage 

inverters, and 23.5 MWh of lithium ion batteries.

The microgrid project aims to provide electricity to over 14,000 people in the vicinity. In the past, the region’s harsh wind, low temperatures and high elevation has posed challenges to inverters and other solar components. To battle the climate, Sungrow has implemented preventative measures such as insulated battery containers and cold start capabilities for inverters and their components.

Interestingly, Sungrow’s Shuanghu microgrid also is designed for remote monitoring to allow for unattended operation. The plant will provide over 6.6 million kWh per year to the area, which in the past has been plagued with frequent power shortages.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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