Smart City Mantra: Invest in infrastructure and update the laws

Bengaluru, which failed twice to make it to the list of the Centre's smart cities mission, is making a final bid this time with lots of competition and less funds left. The city is pitching for the development of its CBD, rather than its entirety, to be eligible for the Rs 500-cr fund 

'Fix Roads, Break Garbage Mafia' 

According to Misra, 'smart' means liveable and Bengaluru has to tackle three key issues to become a smart city -traffic, garbage, water and sanitation. 

“This is an opportunity to make significant investment in transfor mational changes.“ 

Invest in automated traffic management. Signals should be auto mated and synchronised and cameras at every signal to cap ture violations. 

Fix broken roads, close medians and disallow u-turns and right turns other than at a traffic signal. 

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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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